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A control version system for tracking changes in files and coordinating workflow


Git is a control version system that allows to track changes in computer files and coordinate work on those files among multiple people. It is used by software engineers to manage source code
for software development. Knowing how to use Git allows for faster work as it is a distributed revision control system increasing speed and quality of work. Git allows distributing workflow in non – linear fashion boosting development speed while keeping data integrity.


When learning this system it is important to have understood what makes it different from other source code management and control systems. The first step to start is learning the difference between centralized version control system (CVCS) and distributed version control system (DVS). After that, we will learn all needed basic commands. In addition, we will master working with distributed version control system on different operating systems. As well as everything else we need to know for source code management and a version control work.


We offer a big knowledge base full of custom tutorials which do not have a steep learning curve. Every example is editable through our built-in code editor to help master the essential skills to master web programming and developing. Also, we offer a great opportunity for new and seasoned learners to host their first website for free.