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Learn Solidity by creating your own game!

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Welcome, Space Explorer!

So we’ve heard that you would like to head out into space to gather treasure. Well, Space Doggos is for you then!

This course will teach you how to build a game on Ethereum. Space Doggos is designed for beginners to Solidity, but being familiar with other languages, such as Javascript, will help you a lot.

Are you ready to explore?

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How the game works

Each player has one Doggo that represents an Ethereum address. The Doggo is created before the game begins - each user selects a desired breed, color, facial expression and a costume. You can also give your Doggo a name. To start the game your Doggo has to be assigned his starting solar system (X and Y) coordinates. Doggos will be travelling from the selected starting coordinate. Doggo always has two options:

  • Steal goodies from the solar system that it is currently on:
    • Your Space Doggo picks the planet that it wants to get goodies from;
    • Planets will have different types (which we will get using the planet’s trait code);
    • Different types of planets will provide different goodies;
    • Goodies and their amounts will be semi-random (more details in advanced lessons).
  • Move to another solar system

Fix and re-assemble the damaged spaceship

The goals is to Fix and re-assemble the damaged spaceship. Spaceship requires certain parts to get it working again. Items can be found by traveling to different solar systems and finding goodies.

Goodies exchange

To reach their goal faster, Doggos can exchange goodies. Some of them will be very rare, some of them a very common sight.

What will you learn

By completing the Space Doggos gamified course & Ethereum Solidity tutorial you will learn to create a game on Blockchain & will find how to code Ethereum Smart Contract like a PRO.

This course is designed for complete beginners to Solidity. That's why you can enroll to course even if you've never coded with Solidity language before. Step-by-step, we'll start from the very basics & end up building a fully functioning game on Ethereum Blockchain by incorporating Ethereum Smart Contract into it.

We guarantee, once you pass all the lessons & tutorials, you will become a blockchain-based game developer. Learn Solidity today!

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