Empower IT Engineers to Use & Promote Your Technology

Reach mass adoption & build deep brand awareness through education


Make sure education for your blockchain solution is simple & accessible to the masses. For the world to take full advantage of your technology, you need to train & educate people about it. Hence, BitDegree will kickstart mass adoption of your technology by teaching it to developers.

1. Developers

Build using your technologies & share knowledge with other developers.

2. Digital entrepreneurs

Hire developers to create products based on your technology.

3. Everyday people

Use the products created with your technology.

BitDegree is establishing its place as one of the most visible areas for people seeking education, knowledge & equal opportunities. We teach developers and other people with the aim to achieve sustained utilization of different blockchain ecosystems.

How will BitDegree help your business?

With courses around your technology, BitDegree gives you access to an extremely powerful and deep promotional tool. By giving value to developers, we create long-lasting value to you.

Your Promotion via Education

BitDegree will create courses and incentivize developers to learn & use your technologies. We’ll promote your blockchain ecosystems, platforms, technologies around developers. Therefore, this increases the daily use of your technologies and helps you achieve a sustained blockchain ecosystem.

Become Known Among Tech-Geeks

Through incredible BitDegree Courses like-minded tech-geeks, their clients, and ordinary people will adopt your solutions in their daily lives. This generates an active and sustained blockchain technology ecosystem.

Educated Developers for Your Technology

Since we teach developers and entrepreneurs to create software using different blockchain technologies, you will ensure that more developers are learning & using your technologies in everyday life. More educated developers mean more use cases & projects utilizing your technology.

Companies that already chose innovation in education