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What Will I Learn?

  • How to Grow Your Business via Social Media
  • How to Build Your Brand Online
  • How to Earn More Money and Generate Leads


This course will teach you the best ways how to make money on social media in one afternoon. From discovering how to make money on Facebook, through understanding how to make a video go viral, to learning how to use Twitter for business; you will be fully immersed in the social media world. Start learning and increase your income!

Today, more than ever, Internet can become your primary source of income, if you know how to use it properly. With this course, you will learn how to make money on social media form the comfort of your own home. This tutorial will show you how everything happens behind the scenes and you will become a pro. Everything will be explained in a super simple and easy to follow manner. So, you'll have fun and learn a ton of useful thing from these short and engaging video lessons.

Master Advanced Marketing Techniques on Facebook & YouTube

In the first module, you will be introduced to one of the most prominent social media outlets – the one and only Facebook. Having a profile is not good enough anymore, hence you will learn how to utilize Facebook Live so you can get more profits and leads. This is one of the most advanced techniques that will help you understand how to make money on social media fast. This tutorial will teach you how to cleverly market and establish your business so that it can reach more and more followers.

After you learn the secret profitable use cases of Facebook as well as how to make money on Facebook yourself, you will have a date with YouTube. If you have never used YouTube for advertising before, don't worry! This course will explain how to start a YouTube channel. You'll begin your journey to success in the correct way! You'll discover how to make a video go viral and optimize it. This tutorial will explain how you can use viral videos to increase your conversion rates. In the end, you will know how to grow the number of your subscribers and views as well as how to thrive with YouTube ads.

Build Reputation on LinkedIn & Promote Yourself Using Pictures on Instagram

Your third stop will be LinkedIn. Every serious business owner should have an account there in order to target clients and advertise his goods. Not only you will learn how to make business connections, but you will be able to expand your network and boost your traffic. So, to succeed in your mission of learning how to make money on social media, mastering LinkedIn is a must!

To get more views and followers you need fabulous pictures. But, there is more to that. Only taking great pictures and posting them online is sadly not good enough anymore. You need to advertise them, and the best places to do so are Pinterest and Instagram. This course will show you how to get your targeted followers through good marketing, create outstanding pins and great hashtags. Your business needs exposure, and these social media platforms will help you reach it.

If you have a business or an idea for one and want to earn money online, this course is the right option for you. You will get the tools to build your online presence and establish yourself. Plus, you will get a bonus lesson on how to captivate a diverse audience in Twitter and how to create winning marketing strategies there. After this course, you won't be asking how to make money on social media; you'll the expert! Enroll now!


  • You Should Be a Business Owner
  • You Should Be Willing to Manage Social Media Profiles
  • Be Ready to Use Social Media for Advertising


Section 1: 6 Easy Ways How to Make Money on Social Media 2:54:25
  • 1. Use Facebook Live to share value

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Alun Hill

International Business Journalist
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Alun Hill has taught almost 100,000 people, worldwide, how to make extra money quickly and easily.

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