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  • How to Manage Software Developers
  • How to Run Software Projects


These days, it is impossible to start a business without technology and software. If you are a leader, an entrepreneur, a start-up or business owner, you need to know how to become a project manager, even if you do not have technical skills or expertise. Are you not sure how to do that? Luckily for you, this course will teach everything you need to know about what is project managing of software development in your company, without going too deep into the technical side of things.

Become the Leader

Equip yourself with the fundamental skills you need to make the right decisions for your growing business. Knowing what is project management will save your time and money, also, will make sure it is not wasted because of the lousy developers, or miscommunications and misunderstandings. Knowing how to become a project manager and how to properly manage a software development project is your best play for ensuring that the end product is of high quality. With no doubt, this course will give you the knowledge of project manager skills and confidence to maintain these projects so that you can have a say in any software development necessary for your business.

By the end of this course, you'll learn how to become a project manager and acquire outstanding project manager skills in less than an hour. Do you know that the average salary of project manager is approximately 90,000$ a year? That's some good money, isn't it? That is why you should learn how to become a project manager - it's profitable and can benefit you well (not only on the money scale)! With no rush or additional learning material, you'll acquire all needed skills to understand what is project management and how to be an excellent supervisor for the team. After you finish the course, you'll know the fundamental project management steps to fulfill your dream and get some good income!

Know What Your Team Needs

Through this quick guide, you'll learn the essential tactics for leading the team to success. You'll find the best methods for building and handling a team with specific developments. Not only, you'll learn how to become a likable leader, but also you'll bring your team forward to their goals, no matter the lack of technical understanding. A team with a bad leader will never succeed as their microclimate will be terrible, too. This course will teach you the techniques of avoiding misunderstandings and how to deal with them through project management plans. Knowing what your team needs and what are their abilities will make a huge progress in your business, and moreover, will gain you a significant income.

However, keep in mind that you must have at least a little of IT knowledge and have a good project management plan to become a successful leader of the team. It is a lot of work to guide and manage a team, as it will face difficulties with their tasks, deadlines, etc. Nonetheless, you will have nothing to worry about if you complete this course, as you'll know all the fundamental processes of building, treating, and setting up your team. You can outsmart your competitors if you lead your software engineer team well. Learn how to become a project manager and learn all you need to know about Agile system, extreme programming, and many more. All of the course won't last for even an hour but will benefit you and your company for years.

Whether you have to manage a software development team, a freelance developer, or only be able to communicate with your more technical-stuff prone co-founder, this is the course for you! Learn how to become a project manager and enroll in the course now!


  • Basic IT literacy
  • A Little of Leadership Skills


Section 2: Start-up software project management fundamentals 11:20
Section 3: Practical tips for working on projects 24:53

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